Miller-Beck Institute of Music is located near Boulder, in Superior, Colorado. Kirk Miller, Jeanne Miller, and Chandi Beck have over 65 years of combined teaching experience. Our teachers are experienced with students of all ages and skill levels. We are happy to teach anyone ranging from a fresh beginner to a seasoned competitor.

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Private Lessons

We have amazingly positive results long term.  Our method is based on taking the most positive, efficient, and effective parts of every method,  combining them to create a unique, effective, ethical, and professional strategy for each student. (we offer skype lessons too)

New Students

We are always excited to audition and interview new students and parents. We strive to suit the needs of both the parents and the student, regardless of age or skill level. We understand the importance and need of music in everyday life. More importantly, we know how music and success are linked. Please contact us for more information

Kirk Miller

Kirk P. Miller has studied for over twenty years with Harold Wippler, whose students include winners of the Paganini, Tchaikovsky, and Wieniawski international competitions. He has also worked with Professor James Maurer, Professor Gregory T.S. Walker, and William Starr

Chandi Beck

Chandi first started piano at the age of four and quickly found that it was her passion. She played constantly and soon moved to a higher level, studying weekly with Professor Larry Graham at the University of Colorado when she was twelve.

Jean Abbott Miller

Jeanne has always been passionate about education and feels that music holds the key to learning, focus and understanding concepts that run throughout school and life. “The younger we start them the better” remains her motto for it is never too soon for music.